Daymond John Academy

The Daymond John Academy
Teaches You How To:

Daymond John instruction
  • Take your new or existing business to the next level.
  • Take your product or idea to market quickly.
  • Pitch and raise capital from angel investors and VC’s.
  • Get multiple celebrity endorsements.
  • Get the right strategic partner.
  • Get a lucrative licensing deal.
  • Get the best manufacturers and reduce your costs.
  • Get into big box retail stores.
  • Grow massive wealth in business using Daymond John’s strategies.

Professional Training For Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs

2015 Classes are being scheduled soon, check back for dates and locations

Daymond John presenting at a three-day workshop
Daymond John presenting to a crowd at a three-day workshop
  • Learn strategies to help your business grow
  • Find out what The Daymond John Academy is & how it can help you
  • Have an opportunity to enroll in the Daymond John Academy

* The Daymond John Academy is NOT an alternative to ABC's hit show "Shark Tank". If you are interested in applying to appear on "Shark Tank", please visit the official site at The Daymond John Academy is a training company created to help entrepreneurs grow their new or existing business or get their product to market quickly.

Daymond John presenting to a crowd at a three-day workshop
  • New cities coming soon!
    Because of great demand, we are working on adding an online version of our entrepreneur training! We will be back live and in your city very soon!

Dates Subject to change.

More Workshop Locations coming soon.

What People Are Saying...

The academy was dynamic. It made me take a real good look at my business, starting and most importantly completing the business plan. Not only did I learn how and when to launch my business, I learned how to become wealthy. I came home and started over with my business, checking off the list of things to do from idea to launching.

Anita Boykins from MeInMyMirror, LLC

The Daymond John Academy reassured me that I am on my way to financial freedom, and that it is possible to turn an extra-large vision into a successful business. They made sense of every business book that I have read, and helped me understand the initial steps I need to take to jump to the next level. Only 2 weeks after the academy, I have made new contacts, created a new website for retail online, and have my business plan almost perfected and ready to approach investors.

Stephanie Kemp from Macro Mama Foods, LLC

The information that was taught at the academy was worth 100x what we paid for the three days! My team and I at Diamond Central Building Materials are so excited to implement what we learned, and what we will be learning from the coaches! I know that by this time next year we will have reached goals and milestones that I never knew were even possible. Any business leader or entrepreneurs that want to learn how to save yourself years of trial and error and put into practice proven techniques MUST attend one of the weekends! We cannot thank you enough!!!

Heidi Drury from Diamond Central Building Material, Inc

The Daymond John Academy has been a corner stone in our company’s success. The resources we have had at our disposal, from business savvy coaches to a wide range of contacts, have helped us make crucial decisions that have transform an idea into a reality. The coaches have always been available to guide us and have even helped us negotiate business deals. Thanks to the direction from the Daymond John Academy, Color Latino is now launching its second line in partnership with Latin celebrities, which has immediately put our brand on the spotlight and given us the opportunity to grow at a great pace.

Alavaro De Jesus from Color Latino

As seasoned owners, the Daymond John Academy, guided book, teachings, and questions answered, helped advance our products lines and business. The three days revamped our decisions based on strategic structure. We build confidence to pitch, motivation to fulfill our business plan, and a new hope for future possibilities. Thank you for the priceless experience! We are glad we made a way to come.

Marcie Norton from The Original Time Capsule

As a Bootstrapped entrepreneur it is very difficult to decide who to work with to get to the next level. I have waited for almost 3 years for the right team to work with. The Daymond John Academy is not only "fast track" it's like "Super Conductor FAST" I worked one on one with the experts and implemented their advice because I trust them with my vision. If you're like me and you believe in your product then I promise you can believe in The Daymond John Academy. I help breast cancer patients and working with the Academy only means one thing my reach is now limitless.

Cherie Mathews from Heal In Comfort

Sometimes we get so caught up in the day to day of our lives we forget to stop and plan. The Academy allowed me three days to set everything else aside and think about the path the future of my company is on and make some long overdue adjustments for greater success.

Kristi Avalos from Accessology

Even as an experienced business owner, I found Daymond John Academy to be both educational and inspirational!

Willie Wu from My Buddy Tag

We thought we had a great website and Facebook site full of relevant content, but just could not understand why we were not getting any traction. The Social Media Team at the Daymond John Academy quickly analyzed our website and social media presence and found simple, but effective changes that will have a tremendous impact on our company’s future growth. We now have a clearly defined Social Media and Web site plan in place and look forward to working with them again. These guys are great!

Nathaniel Horenstein from Pro Track Guides

When my co-founder and I attended the Daymond John Academy, we were little more than a business idea taking root. We learned more than we expected in the 3 day workshop and became very focused on what we needed to do to create our business. Through the workshop and on-going mentoring, we went from just an idea to publicly launching our start-up 6 months later. Daymond and his team continue to be a valued resource of advisors and mentors guiding us through the entrepreneurial life, to become not only the best at our business, but extending that to stay focused on being the best versions of ourselves. I’m excited about our future and so grateful to the Daymond John Academy team for helping us consistently excel and grow!

Mary Shelton from Referbies

Becoming students of the Daymond John Academy was the one of the best things we have done since starting our business. The advice and expertise we have received has proven to be invaluable. As a result of our involvement, we have been able to avoid making many mistakes that small businesses and new entrepreneurs can easily fall into. Moving forward we are excited to continue our relationships with the many expert and qualified professionals we have met through DJA. The future is bright for our company in part thanks to the Daymond John Academy!

Nancy DeMond & Kristin Adams from DooKashi

We would definitely recommend the experience to work with the Daymond John Academy to help navigate through all the aspects of business and entrepreneurship. Their vision is full of action steps to help your business generate sales and exposure. Together we developed a step by step approach to build our brand and we now have access to many resources that will enable us to grow with our business.

Sandi Linder from Fascia Buzz

Daymond John Academy was that missing link in our business infrastructure that we needed. After our class, literally with the knowledge gained, our work efforts and strategic planning got 100% better in our daily day-to-day operations.

Scream Team Productions: Los Angeles

I am happy to say that, due to this guidance, my business has grown tremendously and in half the time that I would imagine it would take otherwise. I am no longer afraid, but incredibly excited for the future that I have with my company and can’t wait to take the next steps towards success. I highly recommend the Daymond John Academy to any business owner or aspiring entrepreneur. The knowledge acquired through the academy are priceless. Thank you!

Heather Pierce from Raya Hanon LLC

As an entrepreneur, I know that the best way to learn is to surround yourself with successful people and to learn from their experiences. Attending the Daymond John Academy was a tremendously valuable investment for me. I majored in Business and Entrepreneurship in college, and I've already started a non-profit organization and three schools over the past ten years. I'm now starting a new venture to further pursue my passion in education, and I wanted to equip myself with as much information as possible to give my new company the best chance of success as possible. Even though I've already had experience with entrepreneurship, I still found that I had plenty to learn from attending the Daymond John Academy, and I made valuable professional connections as well. Not only was it great learning from the trainers and from Daymond himself, but I also learned a lot just being surrounded and inspired by other ambitious, like-minded entrepreneurs who attended the academy as well.

Randy and Meg Palisoc from Ironbox Education Anaheim, CA

Daymond John Academy is what Entrepreneurs have needed for a long time. The coaches were knowledgeable, approachable and helpful. They listened, took time to answer questions and, their lessons taught, encouraged, and inspired me to move forward and never give up! Following the DJA guideline thus far has been beneficial to my business and I feel DJA has set Pedi-Licious on a new path toward success. Thank you team DJA!!

Premise Martin Pedi-Licious LLC New York, NY

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