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The Daymond John Academy
Teaches You How To:

Daymond John instruction
  • Take your new or existing business to the next level.
  • Take your product or idea to market quickly.
  • Pitch and raise capital from angel investors and VC’s.
  • Get multiple celebrity endorsements.
  • Get the right strategic partner.
  • Get a lucrative licensing deal.
  • Get the best manufacturers and reduce your costs.
  • Get into big box retail stores.
  • Grow massive wealth in business using Daymond John’s strategies.

Professional Training For Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs

FREE 2 Hour Workshops

Daymond John presenting at a three-day workshop
Daymond John presenting to a crowd at a three-day workshop
  • Learn strategies to help your business grow
  • Find out what The Daymond John Academy is & how it can help you
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* The Daymond John Academy is NOT an alternative to ABC's hit show "Shark Tank". If you are interested in applying to appear on "Shark Tank", please visit the official site at The Daymond John Academy is a training company created to help entrepreneurs grow their new or existing business or get their product to market quickly.

Upcoming Workshops

Daymond John presenting to a crowd at a three-day workshop
  • Long Island, NY - Apr. 22, 23, 24
  • New Orleans - Apr. 28, 29, 30
  • Toronto - May 4, 5, 6, 7

Dates Subject to change.

More Workshop Locations coming soon.

Daymond John sitting in a chair

Dates Subject to change.

More Workshop Locations coming soon.

What People Are Saying...

Daymond John Academy Was that missing link in our business infrastructure that we needed, after our class literally with the knowledge gained, our work efforts and strategic planning got 100% better in our daily day-to-day operations.

Scream Team Productions: Los Angeles

As an entrepreneur, I know that the best way to learn is to surround yourself with successful people and to learn from their experiences. Attending the Daymond John Academy was a tremendously valuable investment for me. I majored in Business and Entrepreneurship in college, and I've already started a non-profit organization and three schools over the past ten years... I'm now starting a new venture to further pursue my passion in education, and I wanted to equip myself with as much information as possible to give my new company the best chance of success as possible. Even though I've already had experience with entrepreneurship, I still found that I had plenty to learn from attending the Daymond John Academy, and I made valuable professional connections as well. Not only was it great learning from the trainers and from Daymond himself, but I also learned a lot just being surrounded and inspired by other ambitious, like-minded entrepreneurs who attended the academy as well.

Randy Palisoc Ironbox Education Anaheim, CA

Daymond John Academy is what Entrepreneurs have needed for a long time. The coaches were knowledgeable, approachable and helpful. They listened, took time to answer questions and their lessons taught, both encourage and inspired me to move forward and never give up! Following the DJA guideline thus far has been beneficial to my business and I feel DJA has set Pedi-Licious on a new path toward success. Thank you team DJA!!

Premise Martin Pedi-Licious LLC New York, NY

Daymond John Academy makes it fun as they are totally down-to-earth, but they gently remove any rose-colored glasses you may have, and let you see the reality of business. I have felt that I have been brought in by the CEO and have been under the guidance and mentoring of Daymond’s complete staff of business professionals. This the kind of develop that successful level of present to the world of what I consider priceless.

Alexander Diamonds 'Journey To' Los Angeles, California

The Daymond John Academy team has the experience, knowledge and resources to help my business get to the next level.

Alvaro de Jesus, Color Latino, Miami

His brilliant vision for marketing has produced perhaps the singularly most successful apparel empire of its kind. Regardless of the industry or target, Daymond John would be my choice to lead the charge creatively for marketing, advertising, publicity, and promotion, and to be accountable economically for bottom line profitability.

Bernie Yuman, Celebrity Manager of Seigfried & Roy and Muhammad Ali

One thing about Daymond, he takes charge and he puts his own spin on our consumer culture and challenges us to change things up.

Mark Burnett, Acclaimed TV producer of Survivor and The Apprentice

Daymond John is a driven, visionary leader who is not afraid to take risks. If you want to own your own business, or if you’re a veteran executive who wants to know the mindset of this changing world, Daymond walks you through it.

Russell Simmons, Music and Fashion Mogul

I was a motivated person, but having a tough time getting started in business when I met Mike and Ted from Daymond’s team. They gave me personal training and support and it was life changing for my family and me! Today we own a Shell Gas Station, a check cashing/payday loan business, a fitness center, and a Laundromat. Showing me how to implement real estate into my businesses has also been fantastic. In addition to our businesses, I now own an Exit Realty franchise, manage over 100 properties, and have purchased more than a dozen investment properties.

Jay Goyal, California

We thought we had a great website and Facebook site full of relevant content, but just could not understand why we were not getting any traction. The Social Media Team at the Daymond John Academy quickly analyzed our website and social media presence and found simple, but effective changes that will have a tremendous impact on our company’s future growth. We now have a clearly defined Social Media and Web site plan in place and look forward to working with them again. These guys are great!

Nathaniel Horenstein,

Loved it! Me and my wife drove from Houston to Dallas just to attend (the 3 day training in Houston just happened to fall on the weekend of our wedding). I was unaware that there are so many ways to both make money through new businesses and to gain capital as well. Look forward to a fruitful partnership with you guys! Representing for Trinidad and New York as well!

Jermone Murray

The Daymond John Academy was amazing! You can learn all about entrepreneurship in just 3 days! The teachers there are filled with wisdom and knowledge that can lead to freedom and abundance. Very inspirational class and people. You can use my business name tachet hats or my name Dominic Nguyen.

Dominic Nguyen

I believe that after this next round, and we get our Pool Motor Saver off the table and selling to the general public, through your help, we will definitely be wanting to leave you a testimonial video. I am so excited to get to bring my other projects to the team also. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS ALL POSSIBLE!!!!!

Brady Byrum

The Daymond John Academy was a phenomenal experience. I learned so information that validated my current business practices as well as new information that I was able to utilize immediately. The opportunity to network with other forward thinking entrepreneurs was amazing and I was able partner with them to take our businesses to the next level. To hear Daymond John's story up close and personal was very motivational and pushed me to keeping swimming with the Sharks.

Tiffany Von Gretchen

Sometimes we get so caught up in the day to day of our lives we forget to stop and plan. The academy allowed me three days to set everything else aside and think about the path the future of my company is on and make some long overdue adjustments for greater success.

Kristi Avalos

Great three days! Jam packed with tons of information. I was very pleased and have bragged about how professional, but entertaining the John DaymondAcademy experience was. I believe people learn better when they are having fun, so I learned a lot! The class kept my total attention, even after lunch! :) The highlight was the appearance of Daymond John himself. Daymond's visit was inspirational, uplifting and added credibility to all the information we were taught. I loved hearing his story of his struggles and successes. Thank you so much, for filling the need, money I spent well! Thank you!

California McKay

The academy was dynamic. It made me take a real good look at my business, starting and most importantly completing the business plan. Not only did I learn how and when to launch my business, I learned how to become wealthy. I came home and started over with my business, checking off the list of things to do from idea to launching. I am using your trademark lawyer referral and hitting the pavement with confidence. Thank You, Anita Boykins p.s. Please feel free to use all my info

Anita Boykins

Even as an experienced business owner, I found Daymond John Academy to be both educational and inspirational!

Willie Wu

It was like getting your BA in 3days. The workbook stays on my desk for reference & motivation. Daymond & his Team put on a class act. Thanks, from Andrea AC (Denver)

Andrea Irwin

The Academy is exactly what we needed. Being new to business, it provided key information on steps we will use to take our business to the next level. It also provided affirmation that our product is a good product and market ready. Ted, Mike and all the others were great people to work with. Thank you! This Is Rosemary

Rosemary Kilzer

Wow! What a weekend! The team did a great job of giving us that 'broad stroke' of information that we need to be successful in business. The trainers were generous with their information and time. This filled in some holes for me about writing business plans for my clients. Best of all, it juiced me up to get my own invention ideas cooking! Invaluable! ~Leigh-Ann Zaharevich, Aligned Performance, Inc.

Leigh-Ann Zaharevich

I walked in the door with no direction. The Daymond John Academy not only gave me a direction, but gave me the confidence to move forward with my business.

Mel Steele

I am the one who sat on my idea for 10 years. I had an active prototype but no direction. DJ Academy is able fill all those voids. Very professionally ran from the owners on down. Thank you.

Brian Turnbull

When we signed up for the Academy we had no idea how much we would learn. It was an amazing 3 days and the feedback from the individual trep team members on our business was very valuable to us. Daymond John's presentation was extremely motivational. We highly recommend this conference.

Janet Feuerman

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